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The Inverter Series ensures constant and stable water temperature for your swimming pool. With a wide range of residential outdoor INVERTER models. Black plastic ABS casing.


Outdoor installation
Optional Wi-Fi control (add -W to the end of each code). Wi-Fi Control gives you the freedom to manage your pool environment regadless of where you are.

More energy efficient and cost saving
The COP is up to 13,5 at 26°C/23,3aC (DB/WB). During swimming pool season, the heat pump runs at around 50% of its capacity which leads to an average COP of 9. This could reduce the electricity bill by up to 45%.

Fast heating
It can run at high capacity to heat your swimming pool to the target temperature in a very short time.

Constant water temperature
It can adjust the speed intelligently and run at low capacity to maintain the pool temperature.

Low noise
It will run at low speed for most of the time, so the noise level will be low. Under the silent mode, it can even go as far down as 20dB(A) at 10 meters distance.

Multiple control modes
Users can chose between powerful, smart and silent
mode to meet different demands.