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NDE 201 is one of our most commercialised models, due to its design adaptable to all types of environments and for its quality/ price ratio.
It is offered in one piece plain or striped surface, to choose or combine, and can be installed with hidden clip system (with 2mm joint) or in sight (5-7mm joint). It is a product of low maintenance and high durability, weather resistant and respectful with the environment, (made based on recycled wood fibers and polyethylene/ polypropylene, also recycled).
It complies with the current regulations and has CE and
test report for the European market.


NDE 401 is specially designed for any area residential or commercial.
It has an outer coating on its entire surface, which provides 100% protection against the most common stains in spaces such as shopping centers, pools or restaurants.

NDE 401 is the deck with the lowest maintenance needs in the market. And thanks to our embossed finish offers greater support to sliding in wet creas such as bathrooms or pools.


Respectful with the environment, complies with current regulations and has CE and test report.